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Record Flooding!

May 13th, 2011 No comments

Lake Champlain reached a record high level this month and the lake level is predicted to go down very slowly. Expect high water for Man Weekend (ie. the fishing will probably suck so bring more beer). Here are some pictures of the Highgate Springs summer camp area taken May 8, 2011. (Photo credit: Eleanor Bliss)

UPDATE from the field:

The dock stairs are in big trouble.  A large long log has washed in and has been beating against the stairs and railing for a couple of days.  The railing is all beaten up and I think the stairs are no longer stable.

Note: This is not necessarily a disaster (for us) because I suspect that by Man Weekend the lake level will still be at or above the cement step level so there’ll be no beach to use anyway. The Burlington Free Press says the lake level has dropped a foot since the peak.

Manweekend 13! June 11-12, 2011

May 6th, 2011 No comments

Mazel tov!

This is the 13th year that Men have been sojourning to Highgate Springs for spiritual and physical rejuvenation and refreshment. Now Man Weekend is mature enough to enter the ranks of the senior weekends (Thanksgiving, Superbowl, etc.) This year Man Weekend becomes a Man!

Revised list of events and procedures:

  • Passages will be read from “The Art of Manliness.”
  • Wes Dunham hats will serve as yarmulkes.
  • All beer must be kosher.
  • Rabbi Doctor Glenn Kaye will provide spiritual counseling and serve as mohel to Philistines in need.
  • Something (TBD) will be sacrificed on the Altar of the Ridge. (We still have the magnesium plate John McCall brought last year. That will make excellent “heavenly” light.)
  • A Feast of Great Magnificence will be held. (If Allen and Patrick are up to it again.)
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