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Man Weekend X

May 20th, 2008 1 comment

Never, in the history of weekends, has the blockbuster summer season been so eagerly awaited.

The latest sequel of the wildly popular series Man Weekend is scheduled to be released to cottages throughout Highgate Springs on June 5, 2008 and is projected to open to unparalleled crowds and rave reviews.

For the first and only time Man Weekend has been rated X by the Man Weekend Association of America (MWAA). The unprecedented X rating was awarded for the following reasons:

  • EXcessive numbers of Men show up.
  • The weather is eXpected to be perfect.
  • The food is eXtraordinary (in quantity and quality).
  • The lake is full of eXtra big fish1.
  • EXtreme amounts of beer are consumed.
  • The boats all run eXcellently.
  • Minors are not allowed to attend.

Clearly, Man Weekend X is an event that must be experienced live and in person. You will not achieve the same satisfying Sunday morning feeling2 by watching the DVD. Don’t miss out on the real thing!



1Whether we catch any remains to be seen.
2Tired, sunburned, dehydrated, slightly hungover, and heartburn.

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Manweekend 1998-2008: 10 Year Anniversary

May 13th, 2008 No comments

Manweekend 1999 Although the archives only date back to 1999 due to organizational issues and privacy concerns, this year marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Manweekend. As this is a very special celebration, all present and former Manweekend participants are encouraged to attend.

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