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Goodbye, Ty-Tanic

May 14th, 2013 No comments

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Manweekend 15!

May 11th, 2013 No comments

Only one Man has the standing to wear gold and silver stars on his hat this year, or does he? Was Allen’s performance last year ever properly adjudicated? Will Allen and Patrick be able to make it this year? Will any of the boats (except the ever-reliable Aquapimp) work? Attend this year’s thrilling episode of Man Weekend to find out!

Vermont Free Fishing Day is Saturday, June 8 this year so a license isn’t required to participate in the greatest of the Man Weekend activities. Those of you with greater ambition can apply here.

The Belmont Stakes is also Saturday, June 8. The race will be screened at the Edgewood cottage at 6:30pm. Betting pool tickets will be $2.

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Manweekend 13! June 11-12, 2011

May 6th, 2011 No comments

Mazel tov!

This is the 13th year that Men have been sojourning to Highgate Springs for spiritual and physical rejuvenation and refreshment. Now Man Weekend is mature enough to enter the ranks of the senior weekends (Thanksgiving, Superbowl, etc.) This year Man Weekend becomes a Man!

Revised list of events and procedures:

  • Passages will be read from “The Art of Manliness.”
  • Wes Dunham hats will serve as yarmulkes.
  • All beer must be kosher.
  • Rabbi Doctor Glenn Kaye will provide spiritual counseling and serve as mohel to Philistines in need.
  • Something (TBD) will be sacrificed on the Altar of the Ridge. (We still have the magnesium plate John McCall brought last year. That will make excellent “heavenly” light.)
  • A Feast of Great Magnificence will be held. (If Allen and Patrick are up to it again.)
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Manweekend 2010

March 14th, 2010 No comments

NASA1 and the USAF2 have announced the weekend of
June 12-13 as the launch date of the vehicle Man Weekend 2010.
Its annual mission:
to eschew3 strange new beers; to seek out large fish and new fishing hot spots; to boldly go where many men have gone before.

This year the State of Vermont got it right and Saturday, June 12 is Free Fishing Day and the start of Bass Season.

Usually Charles does a groovy Man Weekend web site cover page but I
haven’t heard from him since he suspiciously sent videos instead of attending Man Weekend 2009. I suspect he’s been assimilated by the

So instead you get a cheesy exercise in visualization. Imagine the beer
bottle on the right cut out from the background, reduced, rotated, and
inserted into the hands of the Space Baby on the left. Then imagine
the words
Man Weekend
with beer!
inserted before and after the movie title in a graffiti font:

Click on one of the images to go to the Man Weekend web site.


1National Alcohol Swilling Administration

2U.S. Association of Fishermen

3Except at the Grow cottage, and Fred, and a
few other men.

Angry Alex: in memoriam

June 8th, 2009 No comments

In Memory
“Alex The Angry Angler”
“F*&#+$% Alex”

Although he had attended only one Man Weekend
(Man Weekend IV), the legend of his participation
continues to live on in Man Weekend lore, and he will
forever be remembered as one of the more colorful and
fun participants.

The crew of the mighty Ty-Tanic who had the distinct
pleasure to have sailed, fished and laughed with “Alex
The Angry Angler”, have hereby placed a beer can
(full) and broken reel at the bottom of Missisquoi Bay
in his honor, on this 6th day of June, 2009.

He will be missed.

Given By:
The Crew of The Ty-Tanic
Ty Tobey – Captain (in charge of the boat)
Tom Tobey – First Mate (in charge of the beer)
Glenn Kaye – First Mate (in charge of the fishing)
Charles Michelet – First Mate (in charge of drinking and photography)
Mike (The Condom) Connolly – First Mate (in charge of Glenn Kaye)
(front row) Ty, Charles, Mike, Glenn (back row) Angry Alex

(front row) Ty, Charles, Mike, Glenn (back row) Angry Alex

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