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It is estimated that 1 billion people watched the Superbowl this year. That’s just a fraction of the people3 who follow Man Weekend.

Top 10 reasons why Man Weekend VIII is better than Superbowl XL:

  • #10 Superior advertising.4
  • #9 Man Weekend lasts for three days, not three hours.
  • #8 You don’t have to worry about your team losing.
  • #7 Occasional souvenirs.5
  • #6 Boats, fishing, and golf!
  • #5 No lame6 geriatric7 half-time entertainment.
  • #4 Better food.8
  • #3 No stupid/blind/bribed officials.
  • #2 There’s no one around to suggest that there are better things to do.9
  • And, finally, the #1 reason why Man Weekend VIII is better than Superbowl XL:
  • #1 Man Weekend’s Roman numeral doesn’t look like an underwear size.
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April 20th, 2007 No comments

The Frank Martin Tackle Box Award

Official Rules and Guidelines

  1. This award is in honor of Camp Randolph Legend Frank Martin. He was a renowned landscape architect, quality craftsman, master of profanity and expert fisherman.
  2. It is to be awarded beginning ManWeekend VIII (June 10, 2006, then anuualy thereafter at each official ManWeekend.
  3. The Tournament officially begins at 12:01 AM ManWeekend Friday and ends at 7:00 PM ManWeekend Saturday. The winner will be announced ManWeekend Saturday at the official Man Meal.
  4. All participants in the tournamnent must be ManWeekend attendees in good standing and have their names officially recorded on the tournament entry form prior to the start time of the tournament.
  5. By having their names officially recorded on the tournament entry form, all participants agree to the rules and guidelines set forth in this document
  6. The award will go to the participant who catches the “BIGGEST” fish as determined by weight. In the event of a tie, the next determining factor will be length. In the even of yet another tie, the winner will be determined by Rock-Scissors-Paper. Best two out of three.
  7. All tournament participants must conduct themselves with the utmost good faith, fairness and sportsmanship.
  8. Each participating fishing boat must be equipped with a scale, ruler, camera and official tournament form in order to properly document and record all catches.
  9. All species of fish are eligible for entry into the competition. So, if the fishing sucks, be sure to record that tiny Perch you so arrogantly thought you could use as bait! Also, fish must be caught live; no picking up dead ones.
  10. All types of bait (jail, live or otherwise) and all fishing techniques are approved for use during the tournament.
  11. There will be a winner each year as long as at least one fish is caught and it is properly documented and recorded. If no fish are caught, we will think of something.
  12. There will be no money. The Frank Martin Tackle Box Award is ManWeekend’s highest (and only) honor. The trophy, official rules and list of recipients will be on permanent display at the Tobey Cottage for all to see and admire. A certificate, suitable for posting on your refrigerator, will be mailed to the winner.