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Manweekend 2005

May 16th, 2005 No comments


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!1

Know now by these presents2 that all Men are hereby
summoned to Highgate Springs to attend Man Weekend 2005 on the
weekend of June 11-12. Be ye noble3 or mobile4,
quality5 or common6, Man Weekend is a time when
Men of all stations gather together in joyous celebration of those
interests7 that all Men share regardless of class or

The date for Man Weekend is chosen in a solemn ceremony when the
Senior Men9 retreat to a remote Indian lodge, strip off
their clothes, and spend the next several hours practicing smoking and
drinking rituals. Then, when everyone’s about to pass out, one of the
Men unveils his Oracle of the Gods10 and calls the Vermont
Fish and Game Department to find out when Free Fishing Day is.

Treasurer’s Report

I am pleased to announce that the financial situation of Man Weekend’s
corporate arm, ManWeeCo, is better than ever! Income from the
sale of Man Weekend 2004 movie rights and product licensing, and the
fees received for the stress testing of high-temperature mortar totaled
$172,500.00. Under the direction of Gilbert and Scott over the winter
our assets nearly doubled to $331,250.00 and after the last of Man
Weekend 2004′s beer bills were paid our account contained $9.35 which
is 200% increase from the $3.12 of a year ago! Gilbert and Scott are
looking into creating a subsidiary, ManWeeCayman, to shield our
hard-earned profits from confiscatory taxes. We are soliciting
volunteers willing to take a investigatory business trip.

Attendance Policy

The Pinhead11 would like to reiterate the attendance star
policy. If you bring your official Man Weekend Hat to Man Weekend it
will be updated to reflect the total number of years you’ve attended
Man Weekend. Or, to put it another way, if you forget your hat one
year, you’ll get two stars the next year. Attendance is defined to be
setting foot on Camp Randolph property sometime between Thursday and
Sunday of Man Weekend inclusive and, since no records are kept, we
rely on your honor12 to keep count of your years.

During Man Weekend 2005 the returning Founders will be sporting a
silver five-year star and two copper one-year stars.


  1. This is for you illiterates who are having this read to you.
  2. No, not gifts, you greedy bastard.
  3. Your name appears on a Camp Randolph stock certificate.
  4. Beggars and wannabes.
  5. A Man Weekend Founder.
  6. Johnny-come-lately’s.
  7. Beer, fishing, and classic movies.8
  8. I swear, I think more time was spent last year watching classic
    movies than out on the lake. 
  9. Those of Noble Quality.
  10. Cell phone.
  11. Richard would really rather be known as The Mad Hatter but
    realizes the total futility of that. 
  12. Ha ha ha ha ha!
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