The Man Weekend Guidelines by Glenn:


While formal rules are antithetical to the spirit of Man Weekend, we offer the following guidelines to help insure that the atmosphere of, “Of Men, By Men, For Men” will be maintained.

  1.  Man Weekend is attended only by men.
  2. Discussions regarding women will be limited to descriptions of anatomical attributes or physical accomplishments.
  3. Meals should contain at least 80% grilled or cured meat, with the remainder being comprised of cheeses, and vegetables if deep-fried. Confections should be limited to bar or chunk form.
  4.  Bathing and shaving are discouraged.
  5. All attendees who may become soiled with fish blood or other offal from beasts harvested during Man Weekend, see #4.
  6.  Masturbatory fantasies should be limited to subjects other than the perpetrator’s current significant other, but may include the current significant other of another attendee of Man Weekend.
  7. Reading material should be limited to the subjects of sports, hunting/fishing, automotive, and pornography, but not necessarily in that order.
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