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Man Weekend 2009: Day 1

Thursday, June 4

Man Weekend 009 properly began Wednesday, June 3, when Chris showed up for the first time in three years, but since your chronicler arrived Thursday early afternoon, that’s when the official history commences.

There was some uncertainly concerning attendance this year. Is Tom coming? Is the Grow Cottage contingent going to be here? Charles already made the possibly permanently fatal mistake of scheduling his daughter’s birth in the Man Weekend timeframe, the fool. The date of Man Weekend isn’t fixed in stone, but if this child is born on the average date, Charles may never be able to attend Man Weekend ever again. Let this be a warning to All Men. Leave Her alone nine months before two weeks after Memorial Day. It’s for your own good. Really.

So far Tom hasn’t shown up. If he doesn’t appear Saturday then that leaves Allen and Glenn as the only Man Weekend Founders with perfect attendance. Speculation is that Ned and his comrades, who are rumored to come next weekend, are doing it to (1) Save $20 on fishing licenses by taking advantage of Vermont Free Fishing Day, and (2) The simultaneous start of bass season. There are some who think that the Grow Cottage’s logic is sound. (Particularly, in addition, if it lets Charles come again.)

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