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Man Weekend 2009: Day 2

Friday, June 5

Man Weekend is pleased to announce the addition of a new Man. L.L. (no idea of what that stands for) received his hat and first year pins at the evening’s superb (as usual) sausage & clam dinner, orchestrated (as usual) by Patrick and Allen. L.L. was actually around last year for Man Weekend but declined to take part. One can only assume that the lack of (obvious) bloodshed last year was reassuring, or perhaps the stack of magazines pushed upon him Sunday of Man Weekend last year, in an attempt to hide the evidence, was impressive.

The weather is so great that it called into karmic question whether any of the boats would work. Hedging their bets, Allen and Richard declined to even start the Red Rocket’s engine, thus insuring that HAM, the Ty-Tanic, and the Aqua-Pimp ran perfectly. The Edgewood Men caught a few perch and one sunfish, but spotted an otter, a turtle far way from shore, enjoyed for some time an anchor point a few dozen feet from the sheer cliffs on the way up to Canada, and carefully paddled into the brushes of Gander Bay spying on huge carp that had sex on their minds more than our lures.

The other boats caught so many big fish that they couldn’t even remember them all. Scott reported a 6lb 30″ northern. This is not unexpected. What was surprising was when Scott came over to Edgewood begging for some butter to cook up some perch he caught. The Man with the “The Man With The Golden Rod” tattooed (such as it is rumored) on his arm, shocked the Man Weekend community by actually keeping, cleaning, and cooking some fish! (Very well too, but one wonders if this is the beginning of a change in Man Weekend philosophy.)

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